Ellen Watson

Ellen Watson – workshop facilitator

Ellen Watson is celebrating her 33rd year at Esalen Institute where she studies, practices, and teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice. A licensed minister, Ellen believes that the core of all healing begins in the realms of the heart and the Spirit. Among her great pleasures are opening the door for people to dance, to sing and play and pray, to touch and to be touched. Ellen is the creator of SpiritDanceSoulSong, and a senior teacher of Esalen Massage & Bodywork, Holotropic Breathwork™, and the Art of Essential Touch.


Carolyn Green – workshop co-facilitator

Carolyn Green, PhD, Grof Transpersonal Training certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork (1999), is honoured to be co-creating the extraordinary set and setting of ‘Occupy Yourself’ with Esalen Master Facilitator Ellen Watson. Carolyn visited Esalen Institute in the 1993 to experience where Stan and Christina Grof had lived so many years while they were developing their approach. There she found an extraordinary range of approaches and practices useful to embody the experiences liberated in deep work in non-ordinary states, many of which are woven into this workshop. She passionately believes that both psychedelic experiences and embodied integrative practices are necessary to bring expansions in consciousness into our bodies, lives and world.


This workshop which has been held regularly in California, U.S.A., usually sells out. We are honored indeed to have the presence of workshop leader Ellen Watson who is offering a full weekend of embodied “self exploration” practice on both Oct 13 and 14.

Through a unique combination of SpiritDanceSoulSong™, Breathwork, and Gestalt Practice, you will deepen your felt-sense of Self and fine-tune your personal experience in powerful ways. This embodied practice is powerful on its own, but also effective in supporting integration and resolution after psychedelic therapy.

Join us for these time-honored and highly effective practices, where you are breathed and moved into a new level of awareness, and empowered to initiate changes designed to support the desired outcomes of YourSelf, family, community and the planet.

Distinct practices in one transformative workshop… SpiritDanceSoulSong™ & The 5Rhythms™ combines the innate wisdom of the 5 Rhythms (a highly effective dancing meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth) with Sound Healing, Mantra, Mudra, and Singing Your Song.

Singing and Dancing are the two oldest spiritual practices on our planet: igniting breath, lifting hearts, weaving the fabric of community life, celebrating rites of passage, honoring birth and death. We will sound, we will sing, and we will dance.

For those who want to integrate Holotropic Breathwork™ evolved over 30 years of research into the power of nonordinary states of consciousness in healing trauma, we recommend that you register for both this workshop as well as Workshop C1 (held on Saturday Oct 13, the day prior – also co-facilitated by Ellen Watson).

Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP) emerged during the 1960’s – 1990’s when Esalen Institute’s Co-Founder, Richard Price, and Christine Stewart Price, developed their inquiry work based on Fritz Pearl’s “Gestalt Therapy’. Gestalt Practice is designed to raise the awareness of self and other, sharpening the connection to senses, thoughts, and feelings. This gentle yet potent method of inquiry helps us to arrive at a more integrated place while honoring all the complexities of being human.

Join us as we move, breathe, dance, laugh, love, and forgive; exploring the depths and heights of our beings. These practices also support:

• New possibilities for healing the ‘wounded healer’ within
• Spiritual exploration
• Enhanced creativity
• Increased emotional intelligence
• Improved relational harmony
• Attuned access to intuition
• Heightened somatic awareness

Oct 13 (Sat), 2018, 6:00pm – 9:00pm (Evening circle)

Oct 14 (Sun), 2018, 9:00am – 8:00pm (with lunch break)

Venue: James Bay Athletic Centre

CE credits approved: 6 CEC hours (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association/CCPA)


FEES: [meals not included]

Regular: CAD175 + GST

Early Bird: CAD155 + GST

Note that meals/lunch are NOT included in the fee; participants can opt to lunch together with other workshop attendees at food outlets nearby, or bring their own lunch.