An article by Cvita Mamic, April 5, 2019

It was being stuck that brought me into the momentum of my healing.  Navigating through the unclear muddy waters of an unidentifiable illness and the inability to thrive pushed me to choose a road and start walking forward. Little did I know at the time that it would be the road of plant medicine. Not only would that road lead me back home to myself it would provide many paths along the way that would illuminate lusciously rich landscapes beyond my scope of imagination.

To describe my healing journey in the last 10 years of working with Ayahuasca and plant medicine would be the makings of a novel. In short, some of the treasures I have collected along the way have been, that healing is non linear and ongoing; a welcomed friend that holds the key to the parts of myself that are innately unique and unlimited in potential. That the little girl in me is the gatekeeper of my secrets and that my traumas are my greatest gifts. That listening deeply and holding space for my most vulnerable self has helped me come into relationship with connection, community and my own desire to belong.

The most challenging aspects of healing have been strengthening my patience, discipline, faith and endurance. Letting go and trusting that this is a process with a higher intelligence.

The foundational aspects have been learning how to forgive myself and others, how to love without conditions and how to ask for help.

The most potent aspects have been the small changes. Making time for my morning stretch, going for a walk, making art, calling a friend, going to sleep earlier, signing up for a new class, choosing to laugh more.

The shamanic tools that have guided me through these aspects have been creating an active meditation that grounds me, using visualizations to clear, clean and protect my spiritual, emotional and physical self. Taking time to dream into my own life instead of seeking inspiration outside of myself.

The biggest gains in my healing have been weaving the plant teachings into small changes over time. They have been more potent than any ego dissolving truth serum Ayahuasca ceremony.

And now, the rituals that I used to consider sacred and reserved for ceremony are becoming my new normal.  As I incorporate them into my daily routine, adjust and readjust, they seem to be building on to each other, gaining momentum and forming a solid structure in my continually emerging self.


Cvita Mamic is a healer artist and co-founder of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual Ayahuasca healing center in Peru with Dr. Joe Tafur and Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. Cvita’s journey with plant medicine began in 2009 while searching for personal healing. Her experience working with the Shipibo lineage of plant medicine was profound and compelled her towards an 8-year immersion with Amazonian plants and shamanism. She believes deeply in the potential that plant medicine offers for personal healing, learning, and transformation.

Cvita Mamic, together with her husband Markus Drassl, are co-facilitating a spring weekend workshop “Nature and Psyche: The Intersection of Plant Wisdom and Personal Transformation” in Victoria, BC, June 8 – 9, 2019. For more information on this workshop, click here.