Richard Yensen, PhD

Project Description

Richard Yensen has been a pioneer in transpersonal psychology since 1972 when he began his psychedelic research career at Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in Baltimore as a Research Fellow. He explored psychedelic therapy and practice in Mexico with Salvador Roquet, a Mexican psychoanalyst & Maria Sabina, the priestess of the mushrooms who first disclosed their secret to the west. In the USA he was co-holder of IND 3250 from the US Food and Drug administration for the psychotherapeutic use of LSD. He has pioneered non-drug ways to access deeply sacred states of mind usually only available through high doses of sacred medicines. He has taught at Harvard University & University of Maryland medical schools, Johns Hopkins and Union Graduate School. He is director of the Orenda Institute on Cortes Island. He was co-principal investigator for the recently completed MAPS sponsored PTSD & MDMA phase 2 psychotherapy study in Vancouver. He is currently filming a documentary on the life and work of a relatively unknown psychedelic pioneer, Salvador Roquet.

Project Details