Project Description

Dr. Standish is a neuroscientist and physician living and working in Seattle WA. She holds faculty appointments at the University of Washington School of Medicine in the Radiology Department as well as at Bastyr University. Dr. Standish has been studying ayahuasca in the field, in the forest and in the lab for 19 years. Her lab has developed a standardized potent ayahuasca tea that is suitable for human studies and meets FDA and DEA regulations. She is founder and CEO of Standish Medicine, Inc., a small woman owned early stage botanical drug company, which specializes in research on polymolecular psychoactive plants medicines with potential in the treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases. As a physician she specializes in naturopathic oncology and conducts clinical research on the effectiveness of integrative oncology care. Dr. Standish has conducted controlled cancer trials in immunomodulatory mushrooms and botanical therapies.   She hopes one day to conduct clinical trials of ayahuasca in the treatment of PTSD, depression, addiction and neurodegenerative diseases.