Project Description

Dr. Hayden Rubensohn was born in South Africa and moved to Calgary in 1995. After high school, university and a few years of travel, he completed Medical School in Calgary in 2012. Hayden is currently training to be a Palliative Medicine sub-specialist, having completed 2 years of Psychiatry training and 4 years of Internal Medicine training at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Hayden’s primary area of interest is in psychospiritual issues at the end of life, as well as the impact of existential suffering on desire for hastened death and requests for medical assistance in dying. He wishes to one day study and utilize psychedelic medicines in his clinical practice to address some of these issues.

Hayden was a co-therapist along with Dr. Ingrid Pacey in the MAPS-sponsored Phase II clinical trial examining the role of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment refractory PTSD, and has presented this work to multiple psychiatry departments across the lower mainland. He is proud to be involved in the Phase III clinical trial now being conducted in Vancouver and is thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss that research with the audience today.