This page will be of interest to clinicians who are attaining CE credits for the Holotropic Breathwork Weekend (Panel & Workshop), Nov 17 – 18, Victoria, BC. This weekend event, presented by Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum, has been approved for 11 CE credits by Canadian Psychological Association, and Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, respectively.

PURPOSE: to use the Holotropic Breathwork workshop as a way towards growth, healing or self-knowledge and to work with expanded states of consciousness in a safe, respectful and therapeutic context, with the support of facilitators specifically trained to accompany in this type of experiences.

GOAL: The goal of the weekend is to provide clinicians with an in-depth orientation to the Holotropic Breathwork™ approach through both the didactic and experiential components of the weekend.


Didactic Components – including the Friday night panel and opening orientation.

  1. To trace the origins of the Holotropic Breathwork approach to western (including but not exclusively early psychedelic medicine era) as well as eastern spiritual and healing approaches
  2. To situate current holotropic breathwork practice alongside the resurgence of psychedelic medicine research and explore future implications
  3. To identify the screening questions that are mandatory prior to a holotropic breathwork session, health conditions that require identification and discussion and the contraindications.
  4. To define non-ordinary states of consciousness and describe the types of experience that can using the Grof Expanded Cartography of the Psyche framework.
  5. To define and describe the components of set and setting in the context of non-ordinary state work and how the non-ordinary experiences can be worked with as a participant and the role of the facilitator .
  6. To describe the practices involved in each stage of the Holotropic Breathwork approach from preparation, the experiential breathwork session itself, supporting the session of another person as well as immediate and longer term integration.

Experiential Components – including an opportunity to participate in a long (up to 3 hour) holotropic breathwork session and to support another person doing the breathwork

  1. To engage in the process of activating non-ordinary states using the Holotropic Breathwork to access and process unconscious or subconscious experiences until they come to resolution during a natural trajectory of returning to ordinary states of consciousness.
  2. To support the non-ordinary experience of another through the simple means of compassionate witnessing, protecting space and personal safety and assisting with water, tissue or escort to the washroom and some post workshop guidance.
  3. To distinguish the support of a ‘sitter’ from the support of trained facilitators creating set and setting as well as any intervention including body release work required to resolve the experiences activated in a breathwork session.
  4. To observe the range of experiences possible through a personal experience and witnessing the sensory, energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental experiences that arise in others.
  5. To reflect at the end of the day on the range of experiences and qualities of uniqueness and universality to each individual.

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