Mercedes Grant; Pauline Goh; Marnie Roper; Shannon Dames


Working in the areas of health and wellness, community organizing and restorative justice, and teaching and research, we are an interdisciplinary cooperative who advocate for the therapeutic, spiritual and cultural use of plant medicines and psychedelic substances for personal and collective healing and transformation.  We see the potential of such use to envision a new way of life on Earth, in right relations with all her inhabitants. We aspire to help cultivate safer, justice-informed, inclusive communities of practice who are active in anti-racism, cultural safety, reconciliation, eliminating systems of oppression, and environmental stewardship.  

Our intention for the 2020 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum is to co-create spaces for deep listening, dialogue, learning, relationship building and visioning.  We draw on trauma-informed, restorative justice and intersectional practice, and the values of humility, courage, vulnerability, transparency, reciprocity, compassion, and trust. 

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Founded in 2014, the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum is currently Canada’s premiere conference on psychedelic psychotherapy. The 2020 Forum was organized as a hybrid (live and virtual) event, and livestreamed from Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo, BC.  The 2016 and 2018 Forums were held in Victoria, BC, and attended by over 200 registrants respectively.

The Forum is an opportunity for everyone interested in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy — including health providers, advocates, researchers, students, body workers, traditional and/or holistic therapists — to come together to learn, network, and dialogue about this exciting, challenging, and promising field. 

The Forum also offers training / continuing education credits to health care professionals including family physicians and physician assistants/nurses, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists. Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum maintains responsibility for the program content.

The last four Forums, held in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018, took place on Vancouver Island, BC. 

During the bridge years, respectively, in 2017, the Forum sponsored a Holotropic Breathwork (TM) Weekend grand event —  the largest gathering in Western Canada of Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) certified facilitators; and in 2019, the Forum hosted a series of small workshops and professional training retreats.