A Statement On Harm Caused By Kevin Parker

In February 2021 the following statement was distributed via email by former members of the PPF steering committee to speakers, participants and partners of the 2020 Forum.  For privacy, their names and identifying information have been removed here; dates have also been removed. Out of respect for all involved and processes underway, no questions about this statement or the allegations will be answered by those continuing to carry the PPF.  Resources for support are listed below the following statement.     

Following the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum in October of 2020, clients and members of the community came forward to reveal allegations of psychological, emotional, and sexual harm/harassment and/or abuse by steering committee member, PPF co-founder, and RCC, Kevin Parker (hereby referred to as KP). Our collective intention for this open communication is to be clear that we stand in solidarity and support with the survivors, and our on-going priority is their continued safety and privacy. Out of respect for the privacy of all involved, we will not reply to any questions about the nature of the reports that were made.

In November 2020, a group of peers held an intervention with KP, expressing concerns about sexually inappropriate behaviour, substance use and his health, and requested that he seek help and stop practicing.  Afterwards, KP initiated his transition towards formal retirement as an RCC, but continued to practice. In December, KP was removed from his position on the PPF steering committee, and agreed to leave his position as Counsellor with [his former business]. 

In January, KP wrote a letter admitting to harmful, inappropriate and manipulative behaviours. KP’s estranged partner wrote an official report to the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) to notify them of KP’s admission. 

We are concerned that the apology made in KP’s letter without commitment to concrete actions towards safety, healing, reconciliation and restitution does not serve the survivors, the community, or KP’s well-being going forward. We call on KP and the supporting community to consider the following action steps: 

  • KP disengage entirely from all forms of therapeutic practice, immediately.
  • KP engage in intensive professional support for mental health, problematic substance use and sexual behaviours, as soon as is possible.
  • Once established in his own process of recovery and healing, KP engage in a restorative/transformative justice process with survivors, if and when they wish to do so. 
  • Continued support by community members who have capacity, willingness and skill to hold KP accountable to the aforementioned actions steps. 

It is with sadness that we write this communication, recognizing the pain this knowing and hearing may bring about for survivors, those who have participated in, partnered with or supported the PPF, and all readers. We hold the hope of healing and reconciliation for all in our hearts, with the understanding that this process will take significant energy and time, and we ask for your patience and understanding as we move at a pace that prioritizes our well-being and the continued safety of the survivors. We hope that our process of responding to this situation contributes to a positive way forward.

in solidarity and gratitude,

Former members of the 2020 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum Steering Committee


(TJ/Community Accountability/Survivor Resources)

Our process is being guided by the formidable, on-the-ground work of QBIPOC and LGBTQIA2S in Transformative Justice (TJ) and community accountability, as well as Disability Justice movements. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by the knowledge and wisdom of the teachers who have come before us. Listed below are a number of resources from which we have gathered wisdom, including resources for survivor support. We call on community members who may be unfamiliar with these processes to consider the following resources, and to respectfully cite and acknowledge any materials that you use in your own practices, going forward.  

Survivor Support Services (BC, Canada) >>> 
British Columbia Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Solidarity for Survivors
Psychedelic Support – Network of Professional Integration Practitioners 
HealthLink BC – Mental Health Support Resources
BetterHelp – Network of Mental Health Professionals

Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement, by Ejeris Dixon; Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (book)
Addressing Violence in the Psychedelic World Part 2: Healing from Community Harm (video recording)
Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, by Adrienne Maree Brown (book)
Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, by Adrienne Maree Brown (book)
Alyssa Storrs – Disability Justice and Spiritual Direction
Energetic Justice