Thank you to those who submitted an abstract for the 2020 Forum (prior to our submission deadline of Jan 31, 2020).

Moving into 2020, we are aiming to focus more on “substance” than the substances. As it is prudent to not mistake the teacher for the teaching, it is equally important to not mistake the substance for the learned and lived experience and the integration of that into our body, identity, relationships, how we are in our communities, and in the world.

The word “psychedelic” loosely translates to “mind-manifesting”: an expansion of  consciousness in both its inward and outward aspects. 2020 presents an opportunity to expand into new and necessary, perhaps uncharted territories, inward and outward, to address the precarious and precious time in which we now live. With this more substantial focus, we hope the 2020 Forum will contribute to a much needed clearer seeing – ‘2020 vision.’


1) Research of psychedelic-assisted therapies, with an emphasis on data from queer, POC and indigenous perspectives; learnings, challenges and experiences.

2) Research/case studies of psychedelic-assisted therapies combined with other modalities (i.e. expressive arts, EMDR, IFS, mind-body modalities such as focusing-oriented therapy, dream work, somatic experiencing, etc.

3) Legalization, Medicalization and/versus Decriminalization of psychedelic and plant medicines.

4) Psychedelic and Plant Medicines and Boundaries (energetic, sexual, accessibility); opportunities, problems, case studies.

5) What can be learned regarding health, wellness, consciousness and community building from local-regional initiatives and from other cultures?

6) Contributions from clients and/or psychedelically oriented therapists related to the subject of underground psychedelic psychotherapy due to laws regarding banned or scheduled substances. At the 2020 Forum, we are addressing the “Elephant in the Underground” and related questions/concerns/ethics and topics such as safety and protocols. For this portion of the program, there may also be possibilities to present over Skype or Zoom.

7) Psychedelics, Plant Medicines and the Climate and Ecological Crisis; therapeutic and individual perspectives on ecological anxiety, depression, possibilities of relationship building with plant medicines to move beyond and envision a future beyond climate collapse.

>> Proposals are currently being reviewed by the 2020 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum program planning committee. All abstract applicants will be contacted within the month of February.