We would like to acknowledge our moderators of the 2018 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum:

Veronika Gold, LMFT, SEP, is a trauma specialist, her integrative approach is informed by non-ordianary states of consciousness (NOSC), Somatic Therapies, Contemplative practices, and mindfulness. She is a co-therapist and sub investigator at MAPS clinical Program for MDMA-Assited Psychotherapy in San Francisco, and a co-founder and therapist at Polaris Insight Center, providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Veronika is passionate about educating others about the healing and transformational potential of NOSC.

Trevor Millar is a social-entrepreneur and owner of Liberty Root Therapy Ltd., serving those called to experience the healing properties of African plant medicine Tabernanthe Iboga and its derivatives.  Iboga is a powerful psychedelic, an exceptional addiction interrupter, and recent discoveries show it’s also got potential for treating Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders.  Trevor currently serves as Board Chair for MAPS Canada and is a former Executive Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance.

Eleonora Molnar, MA, is a health care systems planner, relational somatic psychotherapist, and an independent researcher with interests in public and primary health, ethics, policy reform, eco-psychology and consciousness studies. Eleonora’s passion for women’s roles and perspectives in the area of cognitive liberty has led her to organize the Women’s Visionary Congress salon in Vancouver, BC, at Simon Fraser University.

Kevin Parker MA, RCC, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor specializing in trauma, addictions and depression. He received a Masters degree in Integral Counselling Psychology form the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where he studied with Stanislav Grof and many other luminaries in the human potential movement. In 2014 he founded the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum. Kevin is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, novice cellist, chef, and practitioner of Kundalini yoga.

Jay Wang, MD, graduated from the University of British Columbia, School of Medicine in 2014, and is currently a resident in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and an addiction medicine fellow with the BC Center for Substance Use. As a curious being, Dr. Wang has conducted various studies and authored 13 peer-reviewed journal articles – a journey that could not have been done without the teaching and support from his mentors over the years. With that gratitude in mind, Dr. Wang aims to do the same for the next generations of doctors and is involved in teaching and mentoring of premed and medical students. In the future, Dr. Wang is interested in utilizing a holistic biopsychosocial approach to the treatment of depression and anxiety.