We believe in the power of personal and collective healing and transformation.

With our Canada-based events, we educate and share learnings about psychedelic-assisted therapies and research for personal and collective healing and transformation.

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Canada’s premiere and most comprehensive biennial conference, facilitating dialogue and shared learnings about psychedelic-assisted therapies and research, including the ethical, cultural, indigenous and spiritual use of plant medicines and psychedelic substances for personal and collective healing and transformation.

Ways We Educate & Spread the Word

The Forum is an opportunity for everyone interested in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy — including health providers, advocates, researchers, students, bodyworkers, traditional and/or holistic therapists — to come together to learn, network, and dialogue about this exciting, challenging, and promising field. 





Virtual Forums

Virtual Forums

Training Retreats

Training Retreats

Research & more

Research & more

personal and collective transformation.

The Insights of Stanislav Grof

Stan is one of the major inspirations of the psychedelic renaissance. His work has inspired and educated many of its current leaders. After the prohibition of psychedelics, Stan and his late wife Christina developed a drug free technique to facilitate access to non ordinary states – Holotropic Breathwork™.


Past Forum Events

Why should you attend?

  • Be in the forefront of rapid developments in the field of transpersonal psychology
  • Engage in roundtable discussions to help move this field forward in terms of shaping policy, addressing issues of inclusivity, ethics, affordability, de-colonization, integration, legalization, and more…
  • Find out about the latest research in psychedelic medicines and psychedelic-assisted therapies
  • Build bridges and different ways of knowing, i.e. indigenous and western approaches, clinical and ceremonial, science and spirituality
  • Develop community and connect with leaders and peers in the healing professions
  • Discuss legal and ethical challenges for therapists
  • Explore training possibilities in psychedelic psychotherapy
  • Attain continuing education credits

Who should attend?

  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical counsellors, therapists
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Researchers, students
  • Body workers
  • Holistic/integrated practitioners
  • Traditional healers
  • Advocates
  • Policy analysts
  • Community leaders
  • Change agents
  • Anyone interested in psychedelic psychotherapy for personal and collective healing, and transformation.

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