2020 Forum edited video recordings are now available on VIMEO — featuring 40 presenters and 23+ hours of presentations, panels and roundtables. 

Your VIMEO fee of CAD97 or USD77 covers unlimited access to the 2020 Forum program material — PLUS you get to watch the 2018 Forum proceedings for FREE. >> To purchase, click HERE.

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Thank you to all our presenters and panelists, sponsors and partners, volunteers and committee members for your contribution towards a successful 5th iteration of the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum — Canada’s premiere and most comprehensive biennial conference, facilitating dialogue and shared learnings about psychedelic-assisted therapies and research, including the ethical, cultural, indigenous and spiritual use of plant medicines and psychedelic substances for personal and collective healing and transformation.

The 2020 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum // Vision & Visionaries — held Oct 14 – 18 — offered continuing education credits for healthcare practitioners (who participated in-person or virtually during the forum/workshop day in its entirety) including psychologists, clinical counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses, and family physicians. This year’s three-day forum (Oct 14 – 16) was livestreamed from a venue with world-class conference facilities, Vancouver Island Conference Centre on traditional, unceded, ancestral territories of the Snuneymuxw, in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Our virtual post-forum workshops (by separate admission) were scheduled Oct 17 – 18.

***Also, we have just launched our Post-Forum Resource page — including recorded talks, books, media files, documents, training and educational opportunities. This page, updated periodically, is curated by the PPF2020 team, and our forum speakers.



  • Decolonizing The Psychedelic Renaissance // Keynote Address by Claudia J. Ford, PhD 
  • Bridging Indigenous Wisdom and Western Psychotherapy // Françoise Bourzat, MA 
  • Micro-dosing dialogue with… // Torsten Passie, MD; and Paul Stamets, DS (Hon)
  • Psychedelics for Racial Trauma // Monnica Williams, PhD 
  • Where is the “medicine”? // Duncan Grady, D. Min, MS
  • Ketamine for Depression and Spiritual Exploration // Raquel Bennett, PhD
  • Vision for the Future of Psychedelic Psychotherapy // Stan Grof, MD; Brigitte Grof;  Anja Loizaga-Velder, PhD; and others
  • Navigating Climate and Ecological Crisis with Psychedelics // Claudia Ford, PhD; Sam Gandy, PhD; Geraldine Manson; Eleonora Molnar, MA
  • Reconciliation/Rehabilitation of Therapists – Amid Ethical Transgressions // Duncan Grady, D Min, MS; Julia Menard, MEd, Cert Con Res; Gordon White, MBA, Cert Con Res
  • 101 Red Flags: Exploring Ethical Breaches in Therapy // Pamela Kryskow, MD, and Kate Browning, RN
  • Following a Path with Heart: Medicine Within // Jazmin Pirozek, MSc
  • and more…


Recognizing the rapidly shifting tides of the world landscape, we knew the 2020 Forum would need to evolve to reflect this pivotal time in human history. We see the potential of psychedelic use to envision a new way of life on Earth, in right relations with all her inhabitants. We aspire to help cultivate safer, justice-informed, inclusive communities of practice who are active in reconciliation, eliminating systems of oppression, and environmental stewardship. 

Inclusivity & Representation

To further reflect this re-orientation, we offered a third day to the Forum event to create space for deep listening, reflection, learning and relationship building and visioning with speakers and guests who reflect the change that we want to see in the psychedelic community and beyond. This year, our intention was to make every effort to amplify less recognized voices in the psychedelic field, understanding that there continues to be an imbalance in who gets invited to the table. 

>> In Living Color Virtual BIPOC Space

Centering the needs & voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, the In Living Color Virtual BIPOC Space was a space designed by and for BIPOC participants, providing a refuge for people to gather, connect, rest, and share in the celebration of our lineages & lived experiences. The In Living Color Virtual BIPOC space was also a place for BIPOC participants to access emotional and energetic support throughout the duration of the conference.

>> Debrief Safer Space

This virtual space offered psychological support throughout the conference.

Livestream Option

We opened up the 2020 Forum to the global psychedelic and healing community by offering a livestream viewing option, with the opportunity to gain Continuing Education credits remotely! This was an affordable, accessible option. Folks who purchased a digital ticket were able to engage with each other and ask questions directly to our presenters. 


In line with our vision to make this forum as accessible as possible, we envisioned opportunities for folks to apply for scholarships to attend the forum. With the 2020 pandemic and travel restrictions, we were able to offer 60 virtual scholarships toward 3 days of the forum on October 14th, 15th and 16th. Note that scholarship recipients (like other registrants) have 6 months to watch the Crowdcast replay of the forum program. 

Why attend?

  • Be in the forefront of rapid developments in the field of transpersonal psychology
  • Engage in roundtable discussions to help move this field forward in terms of shaping policy, addressing issues of inclusivity, ethics, affordability, de-colonization, integration, legalization, and more…
  • Find out about the latest research in psychedelic medicines and psychedelic-assisted therapies
  • Build bridges and different ways of knowing, i.e. indigenous and western approaches, clinical and ceremonial, science and spirituality
  • Develop community and connect with leaders and peers in the healing professions
  • Discuss legal and ethical challenges for therapists
  • Explore training possibilities in psychedelic psychotherapy
  • Attain continuing education credits

Who should attend?

  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical counsellors, therapists
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Researchers, students
  • Body workers
  • Holistic/integrated practitioners
  • Traditional healers
  • Advocates
  • Policy analysts
  • Community leaders
  • Change agents
  • Anyone interested in psychedelic psychotherapy for personal and collective healing, and transformation.

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