Note: Program Schedule is Subject to Revision/Change

FRIDAY, OCT 14, 2016DAY 1
Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa, Victoria, BC
8:00amContinental Breakfast
Kevin Parker, Integral Counselling BC
8:50amInvocation & Blessings
Randy Daniels, Malahat First Nation Elder
9:00amOpening Remarks
Mark Haden, Chair, MAPS Canada
9:15amKeynote Address - Mainstreaming Psychedelics: Six Decades of Cultural Evolution from 1966 to 2026
Rick Doblin, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, MAPS
10:30amCoffee/Tea Break
10:45amMDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy: A Personal Journey
Meaghan Buisson
11:00amMDMA: The Promise and Challenge for a New Paradigm of Healing
Dr. Donna Dryer; Dr. Ingrid Pacey; Marcela Ot’alora, MA, LPC; Rick Doblin, PhD; Dr. Hayden Rubensohn; Moderated by: Richard Yensen, PhD
1:30pmConcurrent Presentations:

(A) Psilocybin Studies and Implications for Cancer Patients and End of Life Issues
William Richards, PhD

(B) Feeding the Soul with Ayahuasca-assisted Therapy: A Promising Treatment of the Healing of Eating Disorders
Adele Lafrance, PhD
2:30pmConcurrent Presentations:

(A) Potential Mechanisms Behind the Treatment of Chronic Depression with Psilocybin
James Jesso

(B) Psychedelic Entrepreneurship
Trevor Millar
3:15pmCoffee/Tea Break
3:30pmThe Road Forward to Legal Psychedelic Psychotherapy: the Moving Forward Project
Bruce Tobin, PhD, RCC; Rick Doblin, PhD; Trevor Millar

Followed by small groups/forum discussions
DINNER & ENTERTAINMENT EVENTSYNERGY SALON: Interactive Evening of Food, Art and Music
Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa, Victoria, BC
7:00 – 11:00pmMeet and network with forum presenters. 15 minute remark by Rick Doblin of MAPS. Live band accompaniment. DJ Music and Dance. Interactive art creations. Sharing of psychedelic-inspired art, music, poetry. Money will be raised for the "Moving Forward" initiative.
Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa, Victoria, BC
8:00amContinental Breakfast
8:45amOpening Remarks
9:00amHarvard or Hogwarts? - Training the Psychedelic Psychotherapists
William Richards, PhD; Richard Yensen, PhD; Dr. Donna Dryer; Dr. Hayden Rubensohn; Moderated by Kata Kálmán
10:30amCoffee/Tea Break
10:45amConcurrent Panels:

(A) A New Medical Model: Holistic Medicine and Psychedelic Psychotherapy
Dr. Devon Christie; Julia Allen, MCP, RCC; Sasha Cuff, RTC(c); Moderated by Dr. Krista Stogryn

(B) A Post-Prohibition Model for the Regulation of Psychedelics
Mark Haden, MSW; Sarah Mattson
11:45amConcurrent Presentations:

(A) Psychedelic Therapy and Third-wave Behaviorism: New Directions for the Prevention of Interpersonal Violence
Zach Walsh, PhD

(B) Medical Cannabis & Mental Health Research Under the MMPR
Philippe Lucas
1:30pmConcurrent Presentations:

(A) Relieving Symptoms of PTSD with MDMA
Marcela Ot'alora, MA, LPC

(B) An Invitation to Wholeness: Psychedelics and the Future of Medicine
Dr. Devon Christie
2:15pmConcurrent Panels:

(A) Holotropic (TM) Breathwork
Dr. Ingrid Pacey; Carolyn Green, PhD; Bruce Tobin, PhD, RCC; Moderated by Veronika Gold, MA, MFT

(B) The Mystical Experience in Psychedelic Work
William Richards, PhD; Frank Echenhofer, PhD; Adele Lafrance, PhD; Moderated by Kevin Parker, MA, RCC
3:00pmCoffee/Tea Break
3:15pmTying Your Shoes in Hyperspace: Integrating
the Psychedelic Experience

Yalila Espinoza, PhD, RCC; Frank Echenhofer, PhD; Dawn Rabey, PhD, RCC; Dr. Devon Christie; Sasha Cuff, RTC(c); Moderated by Richard Yensen, PhD
4:30pmA Vision for the Future: Community, Integration, and the Way Forward
Small Group Discussions, Facilitated by Kevin Parker, MA, RCC
5:10pmClosing Remarks
Victoria Conference Centre
Workshop A
9:00am – 4:00pm
The Healing Power of Breath and Image
Bruce Tobin, PhD, RCC, ATR
Workshop B
1:00 – 5:00pm
Psychedelic Preparation and Navigation Skills
Frank Echenhofer, PhD
Workshop C
1:00 – 5:00pm
Psychedelic Wisdom: Weaving Innovative and Integrated Leadership into our Communities
Yalila Espinoza, PhD, RCC
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