Video download or streaming of the 2nd Annual Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum 2015 is now available for purchase! Featuring keynote speaker Dr. Gabor Maté, and other presenters including Dr. Donna Dreyer, Dr. Richard Yensen, Andrew Feldmar, Yalila Espinoza, Mark Haden, Kirk Tousaw, Dr. Ingrid Pacey, Frank Echenhofer, Philippe Lucas, Dr. Hayden Rubensohn, Trevor Millar, Zach Walsh, Soheil Samimi, Bruce Tobin, and Kevin Parker.
The video proceedings of the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum held at the University of Victoria on October 2-3, 2015.

Video includes the following presentations and discussion panels:

Keynote Address by Dr. Gabor Mate “Through Past and Future into the Present: What Psychedelics Can Teach Us

Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics: Overview & Personal Journey” with Andrew Feldmar

Engaging in Psychedelic Training & Research Parnerships” with Dr. Richard Yensen, Dr. Donna Dryer, Dr. Ingrid Pacey, Dr. Hayden Rubensohn, Frank Echenhofer and Moderator Bruce Tobin

Cannabis and the Treatment of PTSD” with Philippe Lucas, Zach Walsh and Introduction by James Kerr

Ayahuasca Therapists: Shamans or Shrinks” with Yalila Espinoza, Soheil Samimi, Kevin Parker and Moderator Bruce Tobin

Iboga and the Treatment of Addictions” with Trevor Millar, Dr. Gabor Mate and Moderator James Kerr

Integrating Cosmos and Psyche: Facilitating the Psycho-Spiritual Bridge with Clients” with Dr. Donna Dryer, Yalila Espinoza, Andrew Feldmar, and Moderator Kevin Parker

Holotropic Breathwork, Psychedelics and PTSD” with Dr. Ingrid Pacey

A Realistic Approach to Drug Education: How to Talk to Youth about Drugs” with Mark Haden

Legal and Ethics: Guidelines, Safety, and Practical Tools for Therapists” with Bruce Tobin, Kirk Tousaw, Trevor Millar, Mark Haden, Soheil Samimi and Moderator Dawn Rabey

Monetizing a Mystery: How Everyone Can Profit Without Anyone Getting Filthy Rich” with Dr. Richard Yensen, Dr. Donna Dryer, Kevin Parker and Moderator James Kerr